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About Us

 Alternative Voices Theatre Company started life in 2014 where our fabulous actors created their first performance at The Midlands Art Centre (M.A.C) Birmingham called 'A day to Remember' and what a day it was. From there we have gone from strength to strength, becoming a professional arts council-funded theatre company in 2018.

Most recently, we created a radio play in April 2020 which aired on Switch radio to approximately 800 listeners, connecting people when they most desperately needed to connect. Our dream is that disabled actors can find work without having to be labeled as disabled artists or disability art makers. We want an autistic actor playing a lead role in a Hollywood film or West End musical without the focus being on their disability but rather the quality of their performance. We want our work to be viewed, equally as valuable as our neurotypical peers.  

Alternative voices passionately believe in empowering adults on the Autism Spectrum to achieve in the world of theatre, and in the outside world, and to use their alternative voices to tell their stories.

Our Aims

We aim to 1) Put on one show a year with an all Autistic or Neurodiverse cast.

2) Create hard-hitting work which challenges the audience to question exactly what it means to have a human experience. 

3) Empower autistic actors to work within the profession and create quality performances 

4) Develop training workshops to educate healthcare professionals, parents, and anyone who wants to learn how to better collaborate with individuals on the spectrum.   

5) Tour with our work and develop relationships with other companies in the surrounding areas of Derbyshire. 

6) Not to be labeled as disabled or Neurodiverse theatre-makers and performers and show that our work is of good quality and can compete with the neurotypical market.

The Party Animal Radio play excerpt. To hear the full version of this radio play click on the link on our blog page

The party Animal was aired on Switch radio Birmingham on April 6th 2020. The play is about a young boy who is on the Autism spectrum who goes searching for a party animal because he does not realise it is a figure of speech.

Blank Canvas September 7th - 9th 2018

Blank Canvas is coming to Birmingham Hippodrome on Friday 7th September and Sunday 9th September

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29. Jun, 2022

Developing Your Creative Practice

Well what a year it's been so far. We were lucky enough to receive some funding from Arts Council England which means I have been developing my creative practice. Yesterday (28th of June 2022) we braved the train despite the recent strikes and we held a full day theatre workshop in Birmingham. This was to choose which Neurodiverse actors would work with me to make the accessible audiobook of 'When I grow up I want to be a cat.' It was also to choose which Neurodiverse actors would work with me to create my Show reel. I hope the actors had a lot of fun, I know I did! I will be posting pictures of the workshop very soon and keeping you up to date with all of our news.

Recording the Party Animal at Switch Radio Birmingham March 2020

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