5. Dec, 2016


We have had a great couple of years since Alternative Voices Theatre company was created. We have run several events to raise money for 'Mind' charity and for our funds to send us to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

We started out back in August 2014 with a show that I wrote called 'A day to remember.' This was performed at the 'Midlands Art Centre' where we raised £100 for 'Mind.' We then went on to do a variety show at the Hall Green Little Theatre on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of June 2015 and raised a further £100. This year we have done a 5k run in April and a show written by Olwen Wynmark called 'Find me' in May 2016. The latest show was a modernised version of 'Find me' exploring Mental health and the collapse of the NHS.   


A list of events 

 13th August 2014 ' A day to remember' written by Madeleine Levy 

Variety show 27th and 28th of June 2015 

5 K run April 2016 

14th May 2016 'Find me' written by Olwen Wynmark 

Car boot sale July 2016 

Monolouge and Poetry slam December 4th 2016 

Craft Fayre December 6th 2016 

 see our future events page for more details.