29. Jun, 2022

Developing Your Creative Practice.

It was a hard slog. March came and it was a long cold month. All of the major theatre's were applying for National Portfoilo Funding. For us as individuals it was time to apply for Developing your creative practice funds. How do you decide that you are ready to develop your practice? How do you know what steps you need to take? What training and skills you need to fill the gaps in your creative development? All of these questions had to be answered. If all you were doing in March was this it still would have been a challenge. However, if you had multiple application forms to fill out it could possibly have felt as if you were drowining in a sea of paperwork. 

Whilst I may be being overdramatic the outcome of all of those long hours spent deliberating was definitley worth the wait. Yesterday (28th of June 2022) myself and seven actors braved the trains after the recent strikes, to meet at Trefoil house Birmingham for a day long theatre workshop. 

The purpose of the workshop was to decide which Neurodiverse actors would support me with making an acessible audio book version of my book entitled 'When I grow up I want to be a cat.' The audiobook would enable more neurodiverse audiences to acess the information available in the book about autism and the education system. 

The second purpose of the workshop was to ascertain which Neurodiverse actors would support me in the creation of a Show reel to advertise myself as an actor and my work. The Show Reel is being created by Bazan Talent Agency in Birmingham who I am pleased to be working alongside. 

The workshop was a lot of fun and the group rules included things like 'Stimming is allowed.' Stimming is very important for many Neurodiverse actors and allows them to feel calm in sometimes stressful situations. I hope the actors had as much fun as me and my assistant director did and I will let them know how they did and who will be doing what by 8th of July 2022. If you woud like to have a look at what we got up to in the workshop, please head over to the photos section of this website and it will all be there on page 3. 

Look after yourselves and stay safe

all the best 

Alternative Voices Theatre Company Team